So UnCONventional is wrapping up in a month, and a ten year long story is coming to a close. It’s such a weird thing, but I thought I’d talk about what comes next.

For those of you who don’t recall, I actually announced Chapter 10 would be the final one over three years ago (though I didn’t expect to put Crosarth on hiatus back then).

I didn’t want to just keep repeating myself over and over again, and there are so many stories I want to tell that don’t fit with the premise. I’m not done with comics, but I know that this story is a finished one. A lot of webcomics just sputter off and kind of… stop. UnCONventional has an ending.

But I guess you’re asking (assuming you care) what I’m doing next.

First off, The Chronicles of Crosarth will resume mid-2020 and finish out the final volume. I have to do a lot of editing to Volume Three for its print edition first. I honestly just keep finding typos in the online versions of pages — and the fact that I was rushing them is why the comic went on hiatus in the first place. I want to finish that story right too.

Secondly I’m working on a new comic in the same art style as UnCONventional. Right now I’m developing the main cast and setting, and I hope to launch it in early 2020 as well. It’s an idea I had a couple of years ago, and a couple of familiar faces will pop up in it (my Patreon supporters know one already). The full announcement will come at the end of UnCONventional, but the mystery project will 100% be set in the Room 825/Full Circle/UnCONventional universe.

(Like five people might remember those first two entries.)

I know it’s risky to end my most popular creation, but let’s face it — if I didn’t I’d just be doing something uninspired and meaningless. It will be a completed work that I can be proud of, and it’s hard to ask for more.

And if you really want my storytelling in the meantime… check out my rpg actual play podcast I guess?

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