Peregrine Lake

So today saw the final update to the ten year run of UnCONVentional, and with it comes the announcement of my next project — Peregrine Lake. Now that’s just a title and a splash image, and since the actual comic won’t premiere until April I thought I might fill you in on a few of the (non-spoiler) details.

First and foremost, yes — Lynn and Megan will continue as main characters in the new comic. It will be in continuity with UnCONventional, but I’m writing it as though the reader has never read that first comic. Sort of like how Lynn first canonically appeared in Full Circle (which has been deleted from the internet).

Secondly, Peregrine Lake will be set roughly ten years after UnCONventional ended — or five years after the last bit of the epilogue. UnCONventional took place in real time, which often forced me to cut stories short. This comic will take its time to tell the story…

…so let’s just hope I don’t get the technology too wrong.

The comic will start updating in April 2020, but I haven’t come up with an exact date yet. If you want to know when it’s happening though, there are a few ways you can keep informed. First off, there’s always the website which has an RSS feed you can follow. Also I will (obviously) be posting updates to my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Finally, the UnCONventional Facebook Page will become the Peregrine Lake Facebook page over the next few months, so make sure you’ve liked and followed it. And, y’know, obviously this blog works too.

I’m really excited for what’s coming next, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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