Ten years ago today I stood across from Crysta in a chapel in Glacier Hills Park in Washington County. Ten years ago we got married. Ten pretty freaking awesome years.

Right now as we buckle down during a global pandemic, every day I thank the gods that she’s the one I spend my days with. I can’t imagine going through this with anyone else at my side.

So much has changed since we got married — we’re both different people than who we were back then. But as we’ve grown, we’ve grown together. For every challenge that has come in front of us, we’ve tackled it as a team. I count myself as lucky every day because of it.

We celebrated our anniversary early back in May with a week in a cabin on a lake up near Phillips, WI — and tonight we probably won’t do anything more than order a nice delivery dinner and watch Netflix in the living room.

But any time I get to spend with Crysta is special no matter what day it is.

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