My current desk

So every few years I’ve felt the need to make an update about my ever evolving workspace, and how I (more and more) seem to be cultivating an aesthetic that screams “secondary side character in a cyberpunk story who probably gets killed off in the third act.” It’s an aesthetic I’ve been working on on purpose (well, not the getting killed off bit), but every time I declare it’s reached “peak cyberpunk” I end up outdoing it soon after anyway.

Like that 2017 update? I exceeded it in mere months.

Anyway, since I made some significant changes recently, I thought I’d post an update about my weird hole of many screens where I run The Nerd & Tie Podcast Network from. I’m not going to run through everything, but I will map out the biggest differences from 2017. The first is (obviously) the 32″ display up top, which I now use to stream media on instead of the Kindle Fire (though the Kindle Fire is still used for audio bumpers on podcasts). An Apple TV runs that, though I also have a spare Switch dock hooked up sometimes. The Linux laptop is gone (I mean I still have it though), replaced by the late-2011 13″ MacBook Pro which used to be my main personal machine. That MacBook Pro is tucked away, but displays on the relocated black monitor in the lower left.

Of course, my new main personal machine is a brand spankin’ new M1 Mac mini, which is controlled by the keyboard and trackpad that sit where my laptop used to be. I’ve expanded the physical desk (and retired the mini fridge) to support the monitor for the Mac mini. And don’t worry, Linux isn’t gone from my desk (and I mean I still use the laptop) — as you will notice one last monitor on the lower right which is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi 400. This is notably used from a different chair, as that’s my “goof around” computer, and would literally be a distraction if I was trying to use it while getting work done.

It’s funny, I bought two computers in 2020, both of which are ARM based. With a good chunk of my desk now on RISC architecture, I’m happy I can just dig out this image without context as I sign off for today…

RISC is good

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