Bev Armstrong
Bev’s life is a disaster. She’s lost her job. She’s on the last of her savings. She thinks that by moving to a small town and fixing up her late Uncle’s house she can get things back on track.

Bev is wrong.

Greg Berry
Greg has lived his whole life within a twenty mile radius of Peregrine Lake — because why would he go anywhere else?

I mean, he definitely can’t, that’d be a violation of his probabtion.

Lynn Baxter
Lynn has spent her whole life wanting to become that strange witch who lives in the woods, and has finally pulled it off.

Lynn loves two things — a sharp bit of sarcasm at the right moment and her wife Megan.

Megan Lambert-Baxter
Megan grew up in a small town working at her family’s restaurant. She couldn’t wait to get out…

…so she could apparently end up in a different small town working at a different restaurant.